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How To Join

Step 1: Choose from our menu of 1000 fragrances, 100% authentic AND designer. You can choose one men’s and one women’s OR two fragrances for your trip OR one for daytime and one for nighttime. The sky is the limit.

Step 2:You go straight to the shopping cart and go through the process of payment. You have the choice of the monthly subscription or a one-off payment. You will receive two 5ml atomizers in your box. They are compact, travel-friendly, always refillable, recyclable and reusable. You can spray yourself 4-6 times a day and together they certainly will last you more than a month! 

Step 3:The first month of your order will get fulfilled within seven days but the following month it will go on a schedule. The deadline for subscription and/or selection is the 1st of each month and we ship out on the 20th of each month. We ship out once a month so make sure you make your selection before the deadline. 

Step 4:After the first month, you will have to go into your wish list, every month, to make your choices, so we can fulfill your order. Alternatively, you can make a whole bunch of selections in your wish list and we will surprise you with two of them every month!